Known issue of saved query in Lead application

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Created by Jerry Wang, last modified on Jun 06, 2015

The issue only occurs if all the following prerequisites are met when customer is using Lead application in WebUI:
1. customer has explicitly switched on default search function via customizing:
2. Customer has maintained some query as "Saved Searches", that is , there is at least one entry in drop down list for Lead search.
3. Customer has set one of the saved query as Default Search via personalization:
1. if either of these three conditions are met, the issue mentioned in incident 1570440579 will NOT occur.
2. The issue mentioned in 1570440579 will not have any impact on customer's normal or enterprise search on Lead. 
T2: A, B and C (share the same object reference):
T4, C: 
T4, A and B: unchanged
T7, C:
T7, A and B:
why product does not have save query issue





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