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ASP.NET 2.0 will be released sooner .
As I know Whidbye release time will be Nov end of this year , this version of VS include many new features , such as Team System , but what attract me more is the improvement of ASP.NET , this time comes out the ASP.NET 2.0 , recently I spend much time on get the knowledge of ASP.NET technology , and read some articles introducing the coming ASP.NET 2.0 , heard that it will provide more than 40 kind of Web Controls , and the membership and role management service with runtime , advanced performance , and more strong data display control - GridView ... I can imagin that the VS2005 will be a powerful tool for developing Web application and Web service on Windows platform .
And during reading some tech articles on MSDN , I felt I like this technology very much , the design of ASP.NET is very smart , they have been on the way to the ideal solution for Web development , and they are going more and more near to the apex , I hope we can take more time on reading these articles to learn and enjoy the thinking of them .

- MSDN ASP.NET home 

- MSDN ASP.NET technicle articles 

- MSDN Microsoft pattern & practices 

- Download Visual Web Developer 2005 Express edition from MSDN

- ASP.NET home 

- Forums of ASP.NET

- ASP.NET 2.0 home 




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