Bootstrap Paginator

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Bootstrap Paginator is a jQuery plugin that simplifies the rendering of Bootstrap Pagination component. It provides methods to automates the update of the pagination status and also some events to notify the status changes within the component.Bootstrap Paginator is able to run on the following browsers: Firefox 5+, Chrome 14+, Safari 5+, Opera 11.6+ and IE 7+.

Bootstrap Paginator will have the Bootstrap Pagination Component rendered as shown in the following graph. It has 5 parts. Left most one is the go to first page item. The one next to it is the previous page item. The following numeric page items are of the type page. Next page item comes after it. Last page item will be the last one rendered. Please note that the labels are the types of each component.


With this plugin, you can easily write your customered pager control in bootstrap style.




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